Our cultural walks include different aspects of architecture, history, life and traditions of Sofia – the capital of Bulgaria. Below are some of the walks we organize. If you and your friends or guests want to have a private walk on some of these topics, you can contact us. Together we will explore the immense diversity of Sofia. You can also check our regular walks. 

 Archaeological Tours:

  • New excavations in Sofia
  • National history museum – how the restorers work?
  • The western gate of Roman Serdica – found and lost, and found again
  • Underground Sofia – what is down under?
  • The Archaeological treasures in museums in Sofia
  • Excavations 2016 – the most interesting facts, artefacts and stories
  • Early Christian Archaeology and Architecture in Sofia (4th – 8th century AD)

Architectural Walks:

  • European Sofia
  • Art Nouveau architecture in Sofia – the surprising face of early 20th Capital
  • Bulgarian National Romanticism (Central Baths, Holy Synod, Sofia University Theology School, Church of St. Nicolas)
  • Art and decoration from late 19th and early 20th c.
  • The Art of Stone in Sofia
  • Russian Architecture of Style in Sofia
  • American Architecture and its influences in Sofia- small but remarkable!
  • Vienna Architecture and influences in Sofia
  • Italians work in Sofia
  • Ottoman Heritage in Sofia
  • Sofia Religious Architecture
  • Orthodox Christian Architecture in Sofia
  • Old Sofia between Slivnitsa and Dondukov boulevards – decay and dignity
  • Architecture treasures west of Maria Luisa Boulevard
  • Sofia between 2 wars – development of modernism and new European styles
  • Sofia of 1950s – Stalinism from public to private architecture and life
  • Socialist Architecture in Sofia
  • Tour of Sofia Corruption – before and after
  • Sofia Cemetery – Art and History of Bulgaria
  • Sofia metro tour – metro stations with different faces
  • Transportation and Communication in Old Sofia of late 19th and early 20th century
  • Old Tram Tour of Sofia
  • Sofia Famous Architects:
          • Vienna Architects of late 19th and early 20th century
        •  Architect Lazarov – The French Style in Bulgarian architecture
        •  Architect Fingov – The Romantic Architect of Sofia
        •  Architect Vasilyov and Architect Tsolov – The most productive Duo in Sofia architecture
        •  Architect Ovcharov – The Style and Character
        •  Architect Belkovski – Too modern to be accepted easily
        •  Architect Parashkevanov – Keep Going despite of difficulties or How Sofia Opera was built

Architecture and buildings:

  • The Former Royal Palace – A Trip to the Former Glory
  • Sofia University – the temple of education
  • The National Opera – a stroll among the beauty of costumes and decors
  • National theatre Ivan Vazov – stories from behind the red curtain
  • National Library and the National Fine Arts Academy – something more than letters and colours
  • The National puppet theatre – when the puppets talk
  • National Palace of Culture (NDK) – Depot of socialist era art
  • Alexander Nevsky Cathedral – from the Crypt to the Belfry
  • A visit to the Courthouse – a place of history and justice
  • Military club and Military school – today we march!
  • Baths in decay, museum in progress! – Tour of Sofia Central Baths
  • Sofia Cemetery’s Heritage of Art

Famous streets in Sofia: Stories, Gossip, Architecture and Art

  • Rakovska Street – Sofia “Broadway”
  • Ruski Boulevard – The Golden (Tiles) street of Sofia
  • Oborishte Street
  • Shipka Street
  • Shishman Street – the street behind the Horse’s tail
  • September 6th Street – The former centre of Sofia
  • Vrabcha Street – Dignity of Sofia “aristocracy”
  • Moscovska Street – Or the Short Cut to the Centre!
  • Graf Ignatiev Street and Slaveykov Square
  • Positano and Alabin – The European Streets of Sofia, where Justice Meets Art

Industrial Heritage in/out of Sofia:

  • Old factories of Sofia – last memories of the Bulgarian 20th c. Bourgeois
  • Pancharevo Water Power Plant – the very first one in Bulgaria
  • Kremikovtsi – the Monster of Horror or the Flagman of Bulgarian Communist Industry (a Special Tour)
  • The Art in Factory

Orthodox Art Treasures in/out of Sofia:

  • Boyana Church- the Art in Deep
  • Ilienski monastery – a small piece of the Holy Mount Athos of Sofia – part I
  • Kremikovski monastery – a small piece of the Holy Mount Athos of Sofia – part II
  • Spas monastery in Lozen – a small piece of the Holy Mount Athos of Sofia – part III
  • German monastery – a small piece of the Holy Mount Athos of Sofia – part IV
  • Dragalevtsi monastery – a small piece of the Holy Mount Athos of Sofia – part V
  • Eleshnitsa monastery
  • The Valley of Nishava – Mediaval Monasteries and Churches
  • Monasteries along Iskar Gorge – the Hidden Jewels of Art and Architecture
  • Zemen monastery – everybody is talking about Boyana, but let’s have a look here!
  • Mediaval and Post Mediaval Churches in and out of Kyustendil- New European Art and History Trail
  • Boboshevo – the Old Centre of Medieval and Post Medieval Art
  • Revival Samokov – The Art of Icons and Woodcarvings
  • Rila Monastery – The Living Heart Of Bulgarian Spirit
  • Rila monastery – Treasures Away of the Tourists Noise
  • Rozhen Monastery
  • Troyan Monastery
  • Best Woodcarved Iconostases:
    • Samokov
    • Pazardzhik,
    • Gumoshtnik


  • The Underground necropolis at St. Sofia church
  • The best of Library and Church History Museum
  • The Building of the Seminary

 Urban Ethnic:

  • Ottoman heritage in Sofia
  • Jewish heritage in Sofia
  • Armenian culture in Sofia
  • Aromuni in Sofia
  • Tales from a ghetto? Visit to the Roma quarter of Sofia.
  • The unknown Knyazhevo – what hidden spots we can find there

Urban Art and Culture:

  • Money talks – a visit to the Bulgarian national bank
  • The clocks of Old Sofia – time is ticking away
  • Sofia Cemetery – the History from 19th to 21st century
  • The communist monuments in central Sofia – the symbols of controversial past
  • The photo archive of the National library – the modern history of Bulgaria in never shown pictures
  • Military history museum – English military artefacts
  • The Lozen babushki – authenticc songs from Shopluka
  • The national folklore ensemble Philip Kutev – tradition in style
  • Musicolivnitsi in Sofia – visit to the Conservatory and Music school
  • Contemporary art – visits to artists’ ateliers

Literature Walks:

  • Writers and poets of early 20th century (Vazov, Yavorov, Petko and Pencho Slaveykov)
  • Sofia of 40-s – Nikola Vaptsarov, his Life and Poetry
  • Lozenets of Writers
  • Borisova Gradina – the Glory of Bulgarian Literature

Music of Bulgaria:

  • The Divane of Orthodox Singing
  • Authentic Festival of Koprivshtitsa – August 7-9
  • Village Folklore: Rhodope, Shopluk, Thracia, Strandja , Balkan Mountain, Dobroudja, Danube Valley, Vlachos folklore
  • The Virtuoso of Roma: The best Roma musicians meet us!
  • Traditional Weddings: Music and Dances

The least known museums of Sofia – for science, literature, nature, fun….

Famous museums through the back door

Sofia Mineral Springs – drink and heal

Shopping Therapy:

  • Ladies’ market (Jenski pazar) – the flavours of the Orient
  • The markets of Sofia – on a hunt for healthy and cheap products
  • Flowers and Decoration in cheap way
  • The antique shops of Sofia – brush the dust
  • In a search for treasures – visit to the authentic flea market in Malashevtsi

Parks and gardens of Sofia – the Lungs of the Green City:

  • Vrana park and Palace – the forgotten Green Paradise of the Royal park
  • Zaimov Park – greenery and modern art
  • King Boris III garden – history in sculptures
  • The Green Memory of the City
  • Bears’ Day in the Zoo (on St. Andrew day)

Eat and Drink:

  • Sofia best chefs – Gourmet Tours for Food Connoisseurs
  • Lunch in Style – From Appetiser to Dessert Tour
  • Sofia Restaurants in Style
  • Sofia Black Spots

Traditional Cuisine & Cooking Weekends

  • Old traditional recipes cooking demo
  • Visit to Private Homes in nearby Villages. The Granny Food Taste
  • Codgers of Sofia’s villages

Bulgaria is laughing:

  • Hitar Petar and Nastradin Hodja Trips
  • Baj Ganyo’s Trips Rose Oil, Elections, Customs and More
  • Gabrovo – the Home of Humor
  • Pizho and Penda (and Pendo behind) – Or The Shopi Philosophy

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